Women’s Amazing Entrepreneur Training

Women’s Amazing Entrepreneur Training guides you through step by step key areas when forming a business. Your business start-up training will help you form, shape and grow core areas that are necessary for running a successful business.

Learning how to register your business and the different ways you can register. Writing a successful business and contingency plan. Just in case things go awry. Is just the beginning.

You will then learn proven ways of how to use the best social marketing tools to obtain maximum results. Including SEO Optimisation. Gain knowledge of new legislation (GDPR May 2018). And, identify the different types of policies you need to include as part of your business. In addition, building your own website

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to start a business. Then women’s amazing entrepreneur training is for you. It takes discipline, diligence, drive and determination to build a thriving company.  

You will be taught product development and how to promote your service. What finances you need if you desire to apply for a loan or grant. And what culture you want to create for your business?

This training is flexible either online or face to face and is an intense but fun way of learning – which includes role-plays too! You will leave with the knowledge, skills and expertise to confidently start, run and grow your own business!

As part of this Amazing Entrepreneur, Training will include

    • Setting up a business
    • Business Planning
    • Contingency Planning
    • Social Media Marketing
    • SEO Optimisation
    • Selling and Creating offers/discounts
    • Tax and Expenses
    • Policies and The Law
    • Building a Webpage
    • Creating Social Media Accounts 
    • Networking
    • Trading online (E-commerce)
    • Grants, free money and loans

PRICE: £550

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Bonus: Awesome Entrepreneur Toolkit


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